Flour- Approachable, delectable and delicious

As one of Cleveland's favorite east side neighborhood haunts, Flour remains vibrant even during COVID times by staying true to its Italian roots while also making small pivots on the menu to create excitement during the winter.

Tucked away in sleepy Moreland hills, Flour typically draws a local crowd, some of whom stop in to eat 4-5 times a week. But I wanted to bring this approachable and highly delectable restaurant to light for those unfamiliar with its pleasures. Chef Matt Mytro has been at the helm almost since the beginning and attributes the success of Flour to its consistently outstanding food as well as employees who really do know your name. After all, their employees stand the test of time and stay well past normal turnover rates. Plus, the word-of-mouth praise does wonders for drawing in newcomers.

While crispy pizza and melt-in-your-mouth pasta highlight the menu, guests also crave the short rib dinner which gets a crispy crust from the pizza oven but stays moist and tender inside. The big-ass meatball is a classic appetizer that boasts a large, well-seasoned meatball reminiscent of your grandma's Sunday dinners. The salmon tartare provides lighter diversion with flavors that explode in your mouth and the smooth feel of high quality salmon. All in all, it's a menu that would make any Italian Grandma proud, but also a very approachable one for someone who wants chicken or steak and potatoes.

Chef Mytro believes that until recently, the art of scratch cooking had been lost. All the chefs and sous chefs at Flour want to bring it back and want to know how to make everything. Their passion for homemade drives their best foot forward in creating dishes. Their handmade pasta is made specially with a slightly rough exterior to catch and hold the sauce in every bite. In fact, their pasta and sauces are so revered, they are now selling them at Saucisson (the lady butchers), Heinens, Whole Foods and in retails locations in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

As for small pivots for Flour's menu, Chef Mytro commented with a small shrug "It's COVID right now and that means almost anything goes". Flour is featuring a pop up shop from Tuesday through Thursday with Chef Chin's homemade ramen creations for delivery only. It's been wildly popular so far but will only be available for a limited time. Perhaps only during the coldest winter months to keep us warm.

If you are interested in eating at Flour, they are taking dine-in guests as well as delivering through Door Dash and direct pick up.

Each Tuesday features half price bottles of wine and they will hold special events for both Easter and Mother's Day brunch.


34205 Chagrin Boulevard

(at Som Center Road)

Moreland Hills, OH 44022

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