Home Bistro (HB)....At home in Little Italy but without Italian Food

Owners Emily and Victor took a chance on a prime location in Little Italy but with a caveat. They weren't the typical Italian restaurant. In fact, they don't specialize in Italian food at all. Drawn in by the great location of foot traffic and beautiful space, they are undeterred by the regulars coming for Italian food (ps they welcome them!). They have carved out their own niche they are calling home. Their draw is focused on good food. Nothing fancy. Just great food that is unpretentious and easy to pronounce. Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, they had high hopes they would bring a restaurant to Cleveland that mirrored the home they created in Chicago in years past. A place where people came to share tables, communal space, and food. Things are a little different now but they still are creating that sense of community with their year-round outdoor patio.

They believe in Cleveland's passion for supporting local businesses and are willing to make an investment right back in their own neighborhood. Even in these trying times, they are keeping the doors open for a great date night with a cozy, intimate space. Guests will find a menu that Chef Victor keeps transforming and creating in his head at all times. He thinks about what tastes great and pulls together various cuisines to create dishes such as Korean Beef sliced thinly with spaetzle fried rice. Some fan favorites include the Rainbow Trout, Mussels, and the chicken paprikash. All the food is handmade from scratch and prepped by the chef Victor.

I had the pleasure of visiting for dinner not long ago with my friend Pete Katz (fellow foodie). Between the two of us, we shared the fried brussel sprouts and artichoke edam fritters to start. But first, we were warmed up with a smoky, maple old-fashioned and the seasonal cocktail apples and tequila (see below). Dinner included the velvety, rich, and decadent chicken paprikash as well as spicy and delightful Vindaloo. And for those of you who don't know what Vindaloo is, cause I sure didn't, it's a curry and veggie stew with Indian spices, paneer, and pita bread. I can say that hands down, it was one of the best meals I've had in Cleveland in a long time. Every single thing we had was outstanding, innovative, and most importantly delicious. I would easily come back often with friends and family for the cozy atmosphere they provide. Barring colder temperatures, the party can go on out on their lighted patio with heaters roaring.

I hope you can support this new home for HB in Little Italy. They deserve a fighting chance and are also doing a brisk carry-out menu designed to bring great food safely to your home.

Check out the menu here.

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