The Cleveland Daily Bite: A Local Girl Sets Out to Share Great Local Spots

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I'm a self proclaimed foodie groupie and if that's not a term yet, I'm officially making it one. Food has always been a big part of my life whether it was a family meal shared around the table or spending hours searching through food magazines or watching food shows to create the perfect meal to bring people together. To me, food is love. Food is an expression of saying that you care about someone and I firmly believe that all great chefs and food entrepreneurs in our hometown in Cleveland share in that belief.

Dining out is an experience and it doesn't have to be an expensive one. It has to be one that fits your lifestyle, creates the environment you are looking for (ie a romantic date, a gathering of friends you haven't seen in a while or a chance to have a drink after the kids are in bed) and most importantly it's a balm to the soul. People can't live without food so why not spend a moment finding a restaurant that not only feeds that need but also allows you to savor every bite?

So that's what this blog is about! Savoring every bite. In life, in love and in the restaurants of Cleveland along with the chefs that slave away every day to deliver this experience to you. Their menus are a symphony of textures, tastes, flavors and colors. To me, restaurants and food are a concert for the soul and are worth the drive or time to enjoy.

My friends are probably rolling their eyes but they know food is a passion for me and PS I'm the one they call or text when they need the perfect restaurant for any kind of experience. Not only do I spend the time to know all the new restaurants (and share opinions about what to try) but I know them personally and therefore will cultivate a list of places they will like. And usually (ahem) it works. Right guys? I hope you'll find that same sort of experience here. A way to find out more about local restaurants who bring their best every day and a great way to spend your date night out getting to know your city better. We have a lot of heart in Cleveland and I wouldn't live anywhere else. The charm, tenacity and grit is so evident that I look forward to sharing a piece of this with you through my blog. Join me......and enjoy every bite. Bon appetite!

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